Some things to think about:

—The first thing to remember is not to size up every man you meet as “marriage material.”  Men sense it if you are and run the other way.

—There’s nothing more appealing to men than a woman who always seems to be happy and having a good time. Be easygoing  to be with. Men like to be with someone who is fun.

—Also, be busy with so much stuff going on in your life that a man will want to be part of it. Women who are genuinely busy are happier and more confident and that attracts a man.

—Never be catty about another woman.  It makes you seem jealous and insecure.

—Be passionate about things going on in your life. Women who are motivated to accomplish their dreams show drive and determination—two qualities men like.

You want a man in your life who is attracted to because you are ambitious. If a man is intimidated by you, he’s the wrong one for you! You can’t look for a man who is secure, self-assured and emotionally stable if you’re not those things yourself.  Be the person you would want to be with.

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