Some husbands and their divorce teams will do anything to gain the upper hand in a divorce. They can play some really dirty tricks to make sure you are beaten down emotionally and financially. Don’t think these things don’t happen. They happen every day, especially when the divorce is a financially complex one.   These are just some things they can do to gain an upper hand:

l.  Conflicting out all the top divorce attorneys in your area. Your husband will make appointments with all the top attorneys in your area. When he  meets with each one—even briefly—all he needs to do is share enough information to create an attorney-client relationship. Even if he doesn’t use that attorney, you will not be able to use him. You can use the same tactic, by the way, if you act quickly before he has the chance to.

2.  Some husbands stall and delay—running up your legal fees—and dragging out your divorce for sometimes years. He can file excessive motions called motion churning to run up your legal fees. He can repeatedly reschedule court hearings to drag it out. He can stonewall giving you the financial information you need—sometimes never giving you all the information you are entitled to. Delay, delay, delay is the tactic. The idea is to have you run out of money and be beaten down so badly emotionally and financially that you will be forced to agree to a settlement that is unfavorable to you.

3.  Another tactic would be to try to rush you into a settlement—exerting extreme pressure to wrap up the divorce quickly. The offer may seem reasonable at the time—but since you and your attorney haven’t had the chance to see all the requested discovery documents, it would be a huge mistake. This usually happens when a husband has been hiding assets and income. Don’t make the mistake of settling or agreeing to a settlement based on only partial information!

4.  And lastly, your husband can deny you access to your family financial resources. He can make sure that he has total control over all the family funds. He can move funds from the family accounts, change beneficiaries on his life insurance policies, retirement accounts, cut off your credit cards and much more.

The most important thing you can do for yourself is to educate yourself about the divorce process as quickly as possible. Knowledge is the key to success. Knowledge is power. Read “The Divorce Survival Guide for Women” —the definitive source of information on divorce. It is THE survival guide that will prepare you on how to avoid the pitfalls that so many women make. Get advice from someone who’s been there. Let “The Divorce Survival Guide for Women”  be your battle plan.

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