People are humanmarried  men and women can still become attracted to people outside of their marriage, especially when they spend a lot of time with them or are engaged in an intense common project with them. It doesn’t matter how strong your marriage, cheating is often a matter of opportunity.

You’ve always heard that if your husband cheats it’s because there’s something wrong with the marriage. But is that really true? The risk of a marriage ending because of infidelity is highest when either wives or husbands have an abundance of spousal alternatives. In other words, the likelihood of cheating is when there are more opportunities to cheat.

Any woman who hires a nanny or babysitter who is pretty and not a “Mrs. Doubtfire” should have her head examined! It may sound sexist that men can’t be held accountable for their impulsesbut why put the temptation out thereand in your home!


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