Women are dealing with a dangerous new kind of betrayal. Stealthing is a sexual act in which a man removes his condom (or never puts one on) during consensual sex without the consent or knowledge of his partner. It’s disgusting!

It is being considered a form of sexual violence and is a rising epidemic in big cities.  Being put at risk for unwanted pregnancies and STI’s can cause a victim to suffer from post-traumatic stress. And by the way, STI’s are at an all-time record high for millennials in New York City. Unfortunately this is happening more frequently.

Women have to be wary of meeting men  on dating apps for a casual hookup. It’s not worth it!

Victims of non-consenual condom removal have the option to take the perpetrators to court. Most women won’t do this, but they can warn other women on the Internet!

And they have to be more careful…

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