The “Least Free” States in the United States

According to a study released in August 2016, by the Cato Institute, the “least free” states based on personal and economic freedoms are: Top Five (“free”) : New Hampshire, Alaska, Oklahoma, Indiana, South Dakota Bottom Five (“least free”) : Maryland, New Jersey, Hawaii, California, New York (ranked #50). New York is the “least free” state […]

Cheaters Beware!

In today’s world with all the new technology, you don’t need to to hire a private detective—you can be your own detective. There are new devices out for spying, so doing your own spying has just gotten that much easier. DIY sleuthing has gotten so common that, a mail order firm out of Dallas, […]

Extortion for Cheaters

About 37 million potential adulterers who were exposed when the Ashley Madison cheating website was hacked in August now have to contend with email threats. Not to mention their angry spouses who may have found out! Ashley Madison is infamous for providing unfaithful spouses a platform for illicit trysts. Can you imagine opening up your […]

The Nanny

People are human—married  men and women can still become attracted to people outside of their marriage, especially when they spend a lot of time with them or are engaged in an intense common project with them. It doesn’t matter how strong your marriage, cheating is often a matter of opportunity. You’ve always heard that if […]

Who Gets The Dog?

When couples are breaking up sometimes their dog becomes the focus of a battle. This usually happens  when the couple breaking up don’t have any children or any children under the age of 18. Dogs do become a member of your family and are taken care of and loved like children. Losing the dog that […]

New Divorce Tactic

Women whose husband’s have hidden money from them during their divorce are trying a new tactic. They are trying to use the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act—RICO—which famously took down the Teflon Don—to nail their wealthy husbands during (and after) divorce battles. Many wealthy men hide their money in various ways during a […]

Protecting Your Personal Data

Recently we heard that hundreds of millions of email addresses and other types of personal identification was found to be in the hands of Russian hackers. Scary. Here are some common sense steps you can take to keep the impact of hackers to a minimum. First, how would you know if your personal information is […]

Consequences of Grey Divorce

The divorce rate in the United States among people 50 or older has doubled since 1990, according to a study by the National Center for Family and Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. And as the American population steadily ages, grey divorces will keep rising. By 2030 it is estimated that 800,000 […]