Your Divorce and the Judge

If your divorce can’t be settled amicably, and you end up in front of a judge, REMEMBER that divorce judges hate the process (and you) and rarely, if ever, read your papers! It is important that you keep reminding them of the facts every time you submit papers and go in front of them! They […]

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Do Exist!

A recent report from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention found a recent spike in STIs such as chlamydia (up nearly 6 % since 2014), gonorrhea (up nearly 13%) and syphilis (up 19%) amount young people. The CDC says that almost 20 million new STIs occur every year, over half of them afflicting young […]

The “Least Free” States in the United States

According to a study released in August 2016, by the Cato Institute, the “least free” states based on personal and economic freedoms are: Top Five (“free”) : New Hampshire, Alaska, Oklahoma, Indiana, South Dakota Bottom Five (“least free”) : Maryland, New Jersey, Hawaii, California, New York (ranked #50). New York is the “least free” state […]

Less Divorce Lawyers!

Why do people hate lawyers!  If you’ve ever had to deal with one than you know the answer to that question! The good news is that law school applications have dropped 38% since 2010. The number of applicants to U.S. law schools is down 20% since this time last year. We need less lawyers in […]

Family Estate Planning

Few people plan to die young—and almost everyone assumes they will live a relatively long time. Nothing brings reality into sharper focus than hearing about a family who suffers financially as a result of poor financial or estate planning. The death of Philip Seymour Hoffman in 2014, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, brings this […]

Digital Estate Planning

It’s hard enough to write a Will, deciding who should get what when you die, but you need to provide for your virtual possessions also. Digital assets  have value—sometimes sentimental, sometimes commercial—just like a piece of jewelry. There can be legal issues for your relatives when you die unless you do your digital estate planning […]

Eliminating Divorce Attorneys

On March 24, 2012, in Blog, Divorce Advice, Lawyers & Legal Matters, Prepare for Divorce, by Leslye

While it is important that you hire the best divorce attorney for yourself, it is also important that your soon-to-be ex not be able to hire either the best divorce attorney or a pitbull,  before you have a chance to. This is going to cost you some money, but it will be money well-spent. Find out who the top five attorneys […]

Online Dating Can Be Tricky

We’ve all heard of someone who met someone on the Internet and got married—but what about the nightmare stories of people “dating” online—we never hear about those!  Online dating can be very tricky.  You have to learn how to navigate through the spam, the unwanted solicitations and the people who pretend they are someone they […]