Digital Estate Planning

It’s hard enough to write a Will, deciding who should get what when you die, but you need to provide for your virtual possessions also. Digital assets  have value—sometimes sentimental, sometimes commercial—just like a piece of jewelry. There can be legal issues for your relatives when you die unless you do your digital estate planning […]

Dirty Tricks

Some husbands and their divorce teams will do anything to gain the upper hand in a divorce. They can play some really dirty tricks to make sure you are beaten down emotionally and financially. Don’t think these things don’t happen. They happen every day, especially when the divorce is a financially complex one.   These […]

Divorce Settlement Mistakes

During a divorce the emotional stress can make you just want to run away.  It is considered as emotionally overwhelming as the death of a parent or a spouse. When it is time to negotiate a settlement, sometimes you are too beaten down to focus on every facet of it. Financially this may be your […]

Treat Divorce Like A Business Deal

You need to treat your divorce like a business deal—because that is the way your husband will.  A marriage is nothing more than a contract. Divorce is nothing more than the dissolution of that contract. Do your research! Read “The Divorce Survival Guide for Women” to learn every aspect of the divorce process. Read the […]

Eliminating Divorce Attorneys

On March 24, 2012, in Blog, Divorce Advice, Lawyers & Legal Matters, Prepare for Divorce, by Leslye

While it is important that you hire the best divorce attorney for yourself, it is also important that your soon-to-be ex not be able to hire either the best divorce attorney or a pitbull,  before you have a chance to. This is going to cost you some money, but it will be money well-spent. Find out who the top five attorneys […]

Changing Your Name After Divorce

Changing your name after a divorce is always an option.  But changing your name should not be an impulsive decision, nor should any important decision made right after your divorce. In most states you can request that the judge handling your divorce make a formal order restoring your former or birth name.  If your divorce decree contains […]

Therapy And Divorce

Think twice about going to therapy, either by yourself or with your spouse. There is an old saying, “Usually a psychiatrist needs a psychiatrist more than his or her patients.” In the context of a custody dispute, everything you say, or have said, to your therapist can be disclosed and used against you. The client-patient […]

Credit After Divorce

Every woman should be establishing her own credit from the day she gets married—if not before.  You should have at least two credit cards—an American Express and a bank Visa or Mastercard that are in your name only—no way linked to your husband.  You should also have at least one or two department store credit […]