How to Meditate

People all over the world, for thousands of years, have been meditating. It is not necessary to pay the David Lynch Foundation who promotes TM meditation $1,000 to learn to meditate. Even though they tell you their meditation is different, it’s not. Meditation is meditation. It’s just a way for them to charge $1,000 for […]

Divorce Settlement Mistakes

During a divorce the emotional stress can make you just want to run away.  It is considered as emotionally overwhelming as the death of a parent or a spouse. When it is time to negotiate a settlement, sometimes you are too beaten down to focus on every facet of it. Financially this may be your […]

Treat Divorce Like A Business Deal

You need to treat your divorce like a business deal—because that is the way your husband will.  A marriage is nothing more than a contract. Divorce is nothing more than the dissolution of that contract. Do your research! Read “The Divorce Survival Guide for Women” to learn every aspect of the divorce process. Read the […]