It’s an accepted fact that good divorce lawyers are hard to come by. There are plenty of divorce lawyers and choosing the right one can be difficult. You have to consider carefully because you are entrusting your future, your finances and your well-being in the hands of a person you know very little about.

First impressions, though not decisive, do count. A lawyer’s personality has to inspire confidence. You should get the feeling that you will be able to relate to him or her. Divorce lawyers that come across as patient listeners and pay special attention to what’s important to a prospective client have a greater chance of getting business.

This means if child custody is your key concern then the divorce lawyer should put your concerns about the issue at ease, at the same time he should paint a realistic picture of your chances regarding child custody.

Good divorce lawyers should guide you and make things easy for you and not just look to increase their fees. This means that if certain settlements are possible without the lawyer’s help, then he should encourage you to do them. These can include property division and sometimes even child custody.

Honesty is a key attribute of good divorce lawyers. Your divorce lawyer is the most important part of your team. He has to think about your welfare and be upfront with information even if it sometimes is upsetting to you. This saves time, emotional energy, as well as money. Experienced divorce lawyers will guide you through the process and get you to focus on the big picture and keep you from sweating the small stuff.

Good divorce lawyers are also good people managers—they realize that a divorce is more than just a legal separation—there are emotions involved. An understanding lawyer is a great support during difficult divorces. At the same time remember not to lean too much on your lawyer for emotional support, it is costly and unproductive.

Remember that it will take you time to find a good divorce lawyer, you may have to talk to people about their experiences with divorce lawyers, visit websites, get an idea about a law firm or lawyer from the website and then schedule a meeting for personal interaction. It is a step-by-step processbut if you know what you’re looking for, then you will come across more than one good divorce lawyer willing to take your case.


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