Going through the draining process of divorce can deplete your resources as well as dishearten your spirit. Going out into the world after the decision has been done is an entirely different battle on its own. When you’re left to tend to yourself and face the task of being a single parent, Divorce 101 on the road to survival is the next step towards creating a new and hopefully better life for yourself.

  • Financial independence. Divorce 101 for newly single parents usually aims to make them understand the difference in lifestyles they’re going to have after the divorce. While emotional pitfalls are equally relentless, becoming aware of your financial situation is vital to assess how you’re going to address the problem. If you were a stay-at-home mom, you need to start reviewing your prospects in finding a job or relevant classes to help you find one. Going through a multitude of Divorce 101 strategies will push you to live within a budget which may normally be less than what you were used to. Cutting out unnecessary expenses, renting a cheaper living space, and limiting your shopping may well be your first steps into this goal.
  • Emotional boost. Uplifting the emotional wellbeing is also a must in all Divorce 101 handbooks. Recognizing the pain, allowing yourself to grieve, and understanding why it happened are necessary to reach the point of acceptance. While going through the healing process, you can try new activities that you weren’t able to do while you were married. Explore your hobbies, discover your strengths, or travel to places you love. These activities help in boosting your self-esteem while making you appreciate the brighter side of life after a painful divorce.
  • Empower the kids. More than ever, your children need you to be strong at this time in order to deal with the adverse effects of a broken home.  Surviving Divorce 101 always bears in mind the welfare of the kids despite the hostile relationship of the parents. This is an important time to make them understand why the divorce happened and reassure them that they are loved despite the changes in the home. Keeping a friendly relationship with your spouse is a top priority in Divorce 101 since both of you need to act as grown-ups for the sake of the children.

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