Once you are absolutely certain that divorce is the only way to save your relationship, then familiarizing yourself with the divorce process must be of utmost priority. Keep in mind that while the divorce process may have a general procedure, there are different laws governing this legal action based on that state where you live. It is best to consult a divorce attorney who can explain how to go about the requirements from start to finish.

  • Request the Divorce. The initial step in the divorce process entails having your claims heard. You need to file a petition for the dissolution of your marriage. Prior to doing this, make sure that you meet the requirement of living within a certain amount of time in that state; that is, if your state has that ruling. The petition also indicates the cause of the request which may be on a fault or no-fault grounds.
  • You got Served. Once the petition has been filed, the other party will be notified through the serving of the petition. A response must be submitted by the other party within a period of time, after which, all the necessary paperwork such as financial records are collected to prepare for the divorce process ahead.
  • Settle the Issues. This stage in the divorce process is the time when a temporary hearing may be necessary to discuss pertinent issues such as who will be the temporary custodian of the child. The hearing also aims to decide on the usage of certain properties and if spousal support is needed.
  • Agree or Disagree. The hard part of the divorce process has finally arrived so brace yourself for upcoming negotiations and arguments with your spouse. But if a divorce is uncontested, reaching an agreement won’t be as tedious as it seems. Legal representations can help each side to get what they think is right, but you can also go for mediators who merely facilitate into reaching a mutual agreement on the division of assets and properties. When couples do not settle, going to court is the only way to resolve the disagreement.
  • Final Decision. After going through the trial proceedings, the judge will decide on the case based on the evidence presented. When one party deems the decision partial, there is hope to still receive what you think you deserve by filing an appeal in court. The divorce process will involve a lot of your time and money especially when it is contested and when a new hearing has been granted after an appeal.

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