When you are thinking of a divorce and or even in the middle of a divorce, a good source of information to prepare for divorce is in divorce books.  THE definitive source of information on divorce is The Divorce Survival Guide for Women eBook, which can be bought on the website www.preparefordivorce.com

There are many divorce books available either in bookstores or on the Internet to prepare for divorce, but there is not another book available that has the information that is in “The Divorce Survival Guide for Women” eBook. It is the result of the personal experiences going through her own divorce of the author, Leslye Kohl, the knowledge she gained from her experiences, and the months of research that followed—using divorce books and other sources of information on all aspects of divorce.

“The Divorce Survival Guide for Women” is absolutely chock-full of valuable divorce advice that not only every women needs to know but everyone should know regardless of gender—anywhere in the world because divorce is universal—whether or not a divorce is in the cards for them.

Everyone needs to educate themselves about divorce so they are “divorce savvy.”  One source of information is divorce books. “The Divorce Survival Guide for Women” is the only divorce book you will need.  No other divorce books contain the divorce strategies that will mean the difference between having financial security and having to figure out how to survive after your divorce.

Don’t waste your time or money buying other divorce books, “The Divorce Survival Guide for Women” eBook is the only one you need to prepare for divorce. You can never be “too informed,” “too careful,” or “too prepared” when it comes to divorce!  Divorce is war!  A war you must fight to preserve your quality of life and ensure your financial security. “The Divorce Survival Guide for Women” eBook will be your battle plan!


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