Anyone faced with the issue of divorce may also be struggling with financial hardship as well. Many people struggle to afford the legal fees associated with the divorce process. One method of attempting to cut the costs of the divorce process is to seek free divorce forms.

Let’s take a look at what kind of free divorce forms are available, how to go about acquiring them, and other things you may need to know about working with this type of form.

One of the most common ways to seek free divorce forms is from your local county clerk, or through your local court’s Internet website. If you are not Internet-savvy, a quick call to your county clerk may inform you if they have the type of divorce forms you are looking for. Calling ahead will often save a trip to the court. While the printed forms may be free, the county still reserves the right to charge a fee to file the completed paperwork. Again, the best person to consult about this would someone from the court clerk’s office.

Something many people who are facing a divorce on a strict budget are looking to do by seeking resources, such as free divorce forms, is avoid the use of an attorney. It should be noted, that while the forms may be free, they may still be difficult to complete without the assistance of legal aid. Doing everything yourself will help you save money, but it is not advised that you attempt to avoid working with an attorney. A legal professional can help you ensure everything is completed correctly the first time, which can potentially save you a lot of money and frustration in the future in the event something was incorrect.

Seeking out free divorce forms is not a very difficult process. Remember that the courts are there for your assistance; and just by asking for certain forms, you may be pleasantly surprised when they have them for you.

Although finances may be tight, keep in mind how beneficial the help of a divorce attorney can be, and take it into consideration before you make any serious decision.


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