An online divorce is a relatively quicker and definitely cheaper alternative to visiting your attorney, spending hours over your case with the attorney, and paying your attorney a big fat fee.  An online divorce is an easy and popular way to quickly get a divorce. It’s popular because the process is easy, particularly for no-contest divorce cases.

It’s important to understand how online divorces work. The divorce does not happen online and you do have to visit a family court. What it means is that you are spared the rounds of going to court for the paperwork.  There are many online agencies that provide you with the appropriate forms to fill out, and then the paperwork is submitted to the appropriate court. Online divorce documents are usually mailed or submitted by hand to the court. As mentioned in the beginning, the advantage of this system is that you save time, and it costs far less than what it would if you had a lawyer doing the forms for you.

When the divorcing partners in an uncontested divorce are in agreement over property and child support, then either partner can go online and fill out the online divorce forms. The partner who receives the divorce requests files an acceptance statement or countersigns the documents.

You have to first select an online divorce service appropriate for you.  Divorce laws in the U.S. vary with the state and also may differ by the county. You have to choose an online divorce site that is capable of providing you with all the required documents necessary for your divorce. Be sure to go through the website and make sure the company offers a guarantee about error-free forms. Also compare service charges.

Even with the filing fees that you may have to pay with some states and counties, you save a considerable amount of money than what you would pay if you submitted the divorce papers through a lawyer. With an uncontested divorce for which the papers are filed online, the divorce participants do not have to fill complex legal documents. Instead they are given easy-to-answer questionnaires based on which the online divorce site fills out the legal divorce papers. This again is a time saver and a major advantage of using an online divorce site.


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