Seeking a Divorce Attorney to Represent Your Case? Use this Checklist!

Anyone who is faced with the challenge of going through a divorce is at a stressful time in their life and needs the best assistance that they can get. One of the most essential parts to a successful divorce case is locating and hiring the right divorce attorney for your case. This is critical because your divorce attorney will most likely be the factor that makes or breaks your divorce case. Let us take a look at why a divorce attorney is a better choice then a general practice lawyer, what payment terms to look for from a divorce attorney, and how to weigh the reputation of the divorce attorney that you are considering. After reading this you should have a more solid grasp on what to look for in a successful divorce attorney and you can immediately begin your search seeking a divorce attorney.

1. Does the attorney in question specialize in divorce law?

Lawyers who do not have a specialty should be avoided, when looking to hire a divorce attorney to represent your case. Divorce attorneys will have practiced divorce law more than a general lawyer, which means they will know the ins and the outs of this type of law better. This is essential because you will want to have someone with the best possible understanding of your side of the case. A divorce attorney will also have plenty of experience dealing with divorce law and will probably have seen someone in a situation very similar to yours. This will help your case because they already have an idea of what works and what does not in court.

2. Does the divorce attorney offer fixed price payment terms?

Many divorce attorneys will attempt to charge you by the hour. Some may even tempt you with a low hourly rate. This is usually not the best option if you are given the chance to hire someone on a fixed rate basis. Most people do not realize that attorneys will bill hours for any form of communication with them, any time they review your case, any paperwork preparation, court appearances, and anything else they can think of. The fact is the hours add up extremely fast, which usually means this is not the best way to go. If the divorce attorney you are meeting with does not offer a fixed rate plan you might want to consider looking elsewhere.

3. What is the divorce attorney’s reputation and case record?

Ask around, or directly ask the attorney in question for their case win/loss record. More specifically, ask about your chances of winning your specific case. Many divorce attorneys will hide behind their overall record, but will not be willing to give you a true idea of what your case is up against. Always try to get this information. If the attorney is not willing to provide it, you may want to consider looking elsewhere.

Always conduct all types of due diligence before retaining a particular attorney for your case. Remember to hire one that specializes in divorce law and check the divorce attorney’s reputation. Following these hints can make the selection process a little less stressful then it has to be. Now that you have solid advice for how to select a divorce attorney, start asking around for recommendations.


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