Is there life after divorce? The answer is a resounding YES, although it seems that it is harder for men to cope with life after divorce, especially if it was a long-term divorce than it is for women. The kind of life you have after divorce depends in large part on you, but there are major areas in which your life will change.

Financially, life after divorce, can be the area where women will face the biggest change. If you are lucky, you have enough financial resources to take care of yourself and possibly your children. There will be changes, however, because you will not have the same standard of living as a single person or single parent as you did as a couple. If you are getting rehabilitative alimony and are looking to a new career, try to find some work that you enjoy. If that is not possible, find a hobby or activity that gives you the same satisfaction. If you were a working wife, consider taking on additional responsibilities that you might not have considered previously because of your relationship.

Socially life will change after divorce. One spouse or the other always seems to get custody of the friends. This is a time to develop new friendships or reestablish old ones that you may have let linger during your married life. Dating is also a possibility. Do not rush into any new relationship until you have given yourself a chance to heal from the old one. Online dating is out there, but take it slow and be careful. Remember that anyone can be anything behind a computer. If you decide to try online dating, observe Internet safety tips. Another source of meeting new people would be book clubs, or church groups that may have divorce or single activities. These may be a safer choice.

Parenting is another area where life after divorce will change. Despite whatever animosity you may hold toward your ex-spouse, remember that your children still care for him or her; and their lives will be better for having both parents. Present a united front on parenting issues—do not let your children divide and conquer. Consider equal parenting and giving the non-custodial parent as much time with the children as you can. Your children will be happier and better adjusted.


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