Social Media Self-Censorship

According to a new survey by the Pew Research Center, people who use Facebook and Twitter are less likely to share their opinions of hot issues. The study which was done in conjunction with Rutgers University challenges the view of social media as a vehicle for debate by suggesting that sites like Facebook and Twitter […]

Rate Your Date

How many times have you wished you could rate the date you just had? Now you can! There is a new, free, female-friendly social networking app that lets women anonymously review men who are their Facebook friends. Lulu is an iTunes app for women to rate and score their dates. On Lulu women can rate […]

Your Social Image

If you are a savvy person,  you know to be careful what you post to Facebook and Twitter. You never want to post something that will come back to haunt you—even years later.  If you want to get an idea of the online identity that you’ve created to these and other social networks, you should […]

Smartphone Addiction

“We have become slaves to our smartphones, distracted by every little ping while we fail to live in the now. It’s changing our brains, ruining our lives and turning us into an iZombie.”  —Kyle Smith If you can’t get any work done because you can’t stop checking your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr,  texts, emails—or you can’t […]

Social Networking Overload

Are you becoming a prisoner of your social networks? Are you suffering from social networking burnout?  It’s time to reevaluate the sites you have joined or may want to join.  First you need to streamline. If you’re logging into multiple social networks to post the same content, you can use sites like OnlyWire, and HelloTxt […]

Social Media

Everyone should have learned a lesson from the Anthony Weiner debacle.  There’s no need to go into the details of the downfall of Congressman Weiner.  Google his name if you don’t know the sordid details! The Internet has completely changed any notion of privacy.  Once you publish words, photographs or videos online, they are “written in […]

Digital Flirting

Technology has created new rules for romance—which may lead to the path of infidelity.  Digital flirting is easy to do and easier to get caught!  Online flirtations and provocative photos are becoming the norm among some adults. The social networks—Facebook, Twitter and Skype video chats make it easy to flirt with strangers and engage in sexual fantasy without (technically) breaking […]

Divorce, Facebook and Twitter

Some people are addicted to sharing their inter most thoughts and feelings with strangers.  The truth is that most people don’t think before posting on Facebook and Twitter that what they have just posted is reaching massive numbers of people and is being immortalized in cyberspace forever. Be careful what you write.  It may come back to haunt […]