Equal Parenting—Parents Share Equally

There are two different concepts of equal parenting. In a marriage, equal parenting is when both parents work together to insure that the children spend as much time with one parent as they do the other. Parents share equally in discipline, schooling, getting children to and from the places they need to be—and in the […]

Divorce Law

Although the right to a divorce is not a matter of constitutional or legal right, various states permit it in order to benefit the public interest. In order to insure that a divorce is what both parties desire, it is not uncommon in several states for there to be a mandatory waiting period between the […]

Divorce Advice For Women

In recent years the percentage of marriages that end in a divorce is around 50%. This means that a lot of women are going through the divorce process at any given time. This is usually a long and stressful ordeal for any woman to undertake. Here is some advice to help women get through the […]

Hiring A Divorce Lawyer

When you are facing a divorce you are overwhelmed by all the information you are getting. The questions that will inevitably arise are do you need to hire a divorce lawyer or not and what to consider when selecting a divorce lawyer. There are countless things that you need to take into account when you […]