Divorce Information You Need

The same way no battle general orders his army to hastily charge a battlefield, should you run to the courts declaring a war (or divorce) without divorce information. In any situation, it is best to be one step ahead by keeping yourself informed with divorce information. Sure, emotions may be running high and the last […]

How Are Divorce Records Useful?

Before we set out to understand how divorce records are useful, let us first understand what exactly is meant by divorce records. The name is self-explanatory. Divorce records are a database of information made available to the public by the Freedom to Information Act of 1966. Other similar records cover marriage, death, crime, and birth. […]

Divorce Public Records

Divorce is a very personal process. Unfortunately, records related to divorce are not, they are part of the public record like other civil proceedings. Some information about divorces are readily published in public sources like the legal section of the newspaper along with notices for sheriff sales, auctions, public hearings and bids and proposals. There […]

Pro Se Divorce—Getting A Divorce Without An Attorney

If you and your husband are both in agreement on wanting a divorce, an uncontested divorce, and wanting to do it without involving attorneys, you can file for divorce yourselves and only pay the filing fees. This is called a “Do-It-Yourself” or “Pro Se” divorce from the Latin adjective meaning “for self,” that is applied […]

Children and Divorce—Divorce Is Hard On Children

Divorce is hard on adults but it is especially hard on children. Children often feel abandoned, or that something they did caused the divorce. Other reactions children have to divorce are sleep disturbances, fears of impending disaster, suspiciousness, under-achievement in school, poor peer relationships, emotional constriction, anger, and regression in behavior (such as bed-wetting). Other […]

Divorce Process

The divorce process is the steps it takes to get a divorce decree. Parties can often be divorced for several months or years before the court finalizes matters such as custody, support, and property division—that are defined as ancillary matters. Steps in the divorce process can include: Establishing venue – that the court in which […]

Divorce Court Is A Slang Term

Divorce Court is a slang term for what is known in the legal community as Family Court, Domestic Relations, or in some jurisdictions the Family Law Division. Divorce Court is also a popular reality television show in which divorcing parties can have their domestic issues decided by a judge. Actual divorce cases are rarely as […]

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a legal process by which two opposing parties agree to take their dispute to an impartially-trained mediator in an attempt to resolve their disputes without the need for a drawn-out court process. In mediation, each side presents their position to the mediator. There are usually some joint sessions and sessions where each party […]