To divorce or not to divorce, that is the question!  Many women ask themselves this question when they find out their husband has been cheating on them.  Being the good wife and standing by a cheating husband is not what women want to do anymore.  This despicable behavior is all too common and accepted in our society.

Why don’t men understand that staying faithful is smart and sexy?  Why don’t men understand that straying when you’re a married man is exhibiting a lack of character?  When are men going to think about what they are doing to their families and keep it in their pants!

Unfortunately, there is a double standard in our society.  What’s good for the male is not good for the female.  The only place a husband is going to feel it is in his bank account.  Every woman must be prepared for divorce—just in case.  “The Divorce Survival Guide for Women” will prepare you  “just in case.”

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