What happened to chivalry? A new app Venmo.com founded by Paypal and popular with millennials, isn’t just letting someone split cab fares or bills, it’s allowing your date to bill you for half of the check when he takes you to dinner! You may think you had a lovely evening, until you get a bill for half that dinner afterwards.

The app, launched in 2012, lets users link debit and credit cards online to send and request money. In January 2016 users digitally transferred more than $1 billion on the app.

Maybe guys think they are being modern by splitting the bill this way and thinking that women should pay their fair share, but women won’t put up with this! We are still old-fashioned enough to feel that a man should pay for the first few dates if he’s asked you out.

The solution would be that both parties understand before how the bill will be taken care of before they go on a date.


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