According to a study released in August 2016, by the Cato Institute, the “least free” states based on personal and economic freedoms are:

Top Five (“free”) : New Hampshire, Alaska, Oklahoma, Indiana, South Dakota

Bottom Five (“least free”) : Maryland, New Jersey, Hawaii, California, New York (ranked #50).

New York is the “least free” state of any in the nation because of its high taxes and heavy-handed rules controlling daily life. The Cato Institute analysis ranked New York dead last for economic and personal freedom.

New Hampshire, which has no sales tax and whose motto is “Live Free or Die” was ranked #1. By comparison New York symbolizes big government run amok. “New York looks set to remain the least free state for many years to come. New York’s local tax burden is twice that of the average state. The state tax burden is also higher than the national average.”

New York is also the king of corporate welfare. “The government spends almost four times what the average state does on subsidies to business.” It saddles its residents with crushing debtthe “highest in the country at 31% of income.”

Cato analysts also flunked New York on land-use freedom because of the “economically devastating rent control in New York City.” Cato also says that New York’s gun laws are onerous.





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