Who Gets The Dog?

When couples are breaking up sometimes their dog becomes the focus of a battle. This usually happens  when the couple breaking up don’t have any children or any children under the age of 18. Dogs do become a member of your family and are taken care of and loved like children. Losing the dog that […]

A Baby or A Doggie

Have you ever wondered why playgrounds are so empty and dog runs are packed—a new report has the answer. More and more American women are foregoing motherhood and getting their maternal gratification by owning a small dog. The business news site Quartz reported that data from the Centers for Disease Control shows that a big […]

Marriage Equality

“Man toils from sun to sun, but Woman’s work is never done.” Many women believe that marriage is an institution that benefits men more than women. This belief stems from the fact that many women today have to take on what they feel is a superwoman role. They work outside the house and then come […]

Unwed Parents

A report published by the National Marriage Project showed that the number of Americans who have children and live together without being married has increased  twelve-fold since 1970.  The report states that children are now more likely to have unmarried parents than divorced ones.  The report also  states that the rise of cohabitation is a growing […]

Books on Divorce

Although there are a lot of books on divorce to be found in bookstores and on the Internet, most of them don’t quite tell you everything you need to know to help you to prepare for divorce. The one book out there that is the most complete and informative of all the books on divorce […]

Divorce Or Not To Divorce

To divorce or not to divorce, that is the question!  Many women ask themselves this question when they find out their husband has been cheating on them.  Being the good wife and standing by a cheating husband is not what women want to do anymore.  This despicable behavior is all too common and accepted in […]

Lying or Self-Deception

People very often say things that aren’t true. It’s not exactly lying but more like self-deception.  A good example is, “I am a private person—I would never reveal such and such because I’m a private person.” Anyone who says that is probably not a private person. Truly private people do not have to declare it.  […]