Your Divorce and the Judge

If your divorce can’t be settled amicably, and you end up in front of a judge, REMEMBER that divorce judges hate the process (and you) and rarely, if ever, read your papers! It is important that you keep reminding them of the facts every time you submit papers and go in front of them! They […]

Our Court System

Our court system can be corrupt—the attorneys and the judges!  Only when people start demanding changes from their legislators, and when they realize they have the power to make changes, then we will see something being done! The expression “you can’t fight city hall” is the position a person getting a divorce is in today.  If […]

How To Deal With A Bad Judge

Judges are the weakest link in our system of justice, and they are also the most protected.  —Alan Dershowitz Unfortunately, it is very difficult to deal with a bad judge.  Lawyers have no latitude with the judge that may be the judge in their/your case.  Some important points to know: Most experienced judges have seen and heard it […]