Going through a divorce is usually an extremely difficult process. Most of the time your thoughts will be full of frustration over your situation, and you will not want to start the divorce attorney selection process immediately. This is normal, give yourself time to let your mind clear, and then begin considering your options.

Let’s look at how to go about selecting the right divorce attorney for your specific needs. In particular, we’ll take an in-depth look at a few questions you might want to ask a potential divorce attorney, as well as some general tips about how to select the divorce attorney that is right for your case. After reading all of this information you should be more aware of the divorce attorney selection process and have the confidence to hire an attorney.

Before you formulate questions for a potential divorce attorney, you may want to review the details of your divorce situation. Review your financial situation and the facts that surround the divorce. Armed with these you can begin finding experienced divorce attorneys in your area. When you have selected some that you want to interview, here are some questions you will want to ask them.

One of the first questions should be about the fees they charge. A divorce attorney will need to get a sense of your case before they are able to give you exact figures—but establish right away if they charge hourly or on a fixed fee basis. When you provide them with the details of your divorce, they should be able to give you a ballpark figure as to what the divorce should cost. If the attorney is not willing to give you an idea of the cost, then you may want to seek a different attorney.

Another question to ask a potential divorce attorney is how they predict your case will end in court. Some attorneys will avoid this question even after they have all of the information that they need to determine this. A well-seasoned divorce attorney has probably seen a situation similar to yours before and can make predictions based on it. If the attorney is not willing to disclose their opinion, then you may want to seek a different attorney.

Attorneys will most likely seem extremely sympathetic to your situation, which may seem very appealing at face value—but what is very important is their experience. Meet with a few different divorce attorneys before deciding on one is the best one for you. After meeting with a few and hearing what they have to offer, you will get a sense of what to look for. Schedule follow-up meetings accordingly. Never hire the first attorney you consult with!

Although going through a divorce is usually painful, it is extremely important to get a well-seasoned divorce attorney to represent your case.


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