Pro Se Divorce—Getting A Divorce Without An Attorney

If you and your husband are both in agreement on wanting a divorce, an uncontested divorce, and wanting to do it without involving attorneys, you can file for divorce yourselves and only pay the filing fees. This is called a “Do-It-Yourself” or “Pro Se” divorce from the Latin adjective meaning “for self,” that is applied […]

Legal Separation—Living Separately

Legal separation is a legal proceeding through which a husband and wife petition a court to allow them to live separate and apart. The court can decide matters of custody, support, and property division in the legal separation. Parties remain legally married even with a legal separation and cannot remarry. They must file a separate […]

How To Save On Legal Fees With A Divorce Attorney

If circumstances dictate that you have to use a divorce attorney to handle your divorce proceedings, then you have no choice but to hire one. What you can do is to learn how to save precious dollars in your dealings with your divorce attorney. The first thing to do is to get a written estimate […]

Attributes Of Good Divorce Lawyers

It’s an accepted fact that good divorce lawyers are hard to come by. There are plenty of divorce lawyers and choosing the right one can be difficult. You have to consider carefully because you are entrusting your future, your finances and your well-being in the hands of a person you know very little about. First […]

Divorce Law

Although the right to a divorce is not a matter of constitutional or legal right, various states permit it in order to benefit the public interest. In order to insure that a divorce is what both parties desire, it is not uncommon in several states for there to be a mandatory waiting period between the […]

How To Select A Divorce Attorney

Going through a divorce is usually an extremely difficult process. Most of the time your thoughts will be full of frustration over your situation, and you will not want to start the divorce attorney selection process immediately. This is normal, give yourself time to let your mind clear, and then begin considering your options. Let’s […]

Seeking Divorce Attorney—Checklist for Selecting a Divorce Attorney

Seeking a Divorce Attorney to Represent Your Case? Use this Checklist! Anyone who is faced with the challenge of going through a divorce is at a stressful time in their life and needs the best assistance that they can get. One of the most essential parts to a successful divorce case is locating and hiring […]

Hiring A Divorce Lawyer

When you are facing a divorce you are overwhelmed by all the information you are getting. The questions that will inevitably arise are do you need to hire a divorce lawyer or not and what to consider when selecting a divorce lawyer. There are countless things that you need to take into account when you […]