A divorce form is an application that a person seeking a divorce has to fill out. A divorce form is a legal requirement that provides information on the two parties wishing to obtain a divorce. The content of divorce forms varies with the type of divorce and also from state-to-state in the U.S. The divorce form provides detailed information on the spouses and is a useful document for future reference regarding the distribution of property and child custody.

You can obtain divorce forms online free of cost. These interactive forms can be submitted online as well. Using online divorce forms is advantageous as it saves you the time and effort of traveling to court to submit the forms. You can also relocate if you wish to. Most divorce forms are drafted for No-Contest divorces. No-Contest or Uncontested divorces are easy to execute as both parties are in agreement. This gives you the option of presenting your case on your own. By not hiring a lawyer you save a considerable amount of money. Even if you obtain the forms from an online service that charges for its work, it will still work out to be much less than the cost of hiring a lawyer.

Before taking printouts of online divorce forms, you should check if you have to adhere to any guidelines. Often there will be instructions on the type of paper, color, and font size to be used for such printouts. Be sure to follow these guidelines so that the divorce proceedings do not get affected. You can always ask any divorce attorney to show you hard copy samples of divorce forms.

The downside of using divorce forms can be in a situation where children and property disputes can occur. Software with multiple choice questions cannot comprehend or represent the emotional aspects present in a divorce case. Also you may not be able to find an online divorce form specific to your state. There is certain information that you may be required to submit along with the divorce form. This includes the R408 Form, copy of the Marriage Certificate, financial statement, etc.

If you are not facing any property divisions or custody issues, then you should consider free online divorce forms. It will save you both time and money. However, always remember that any information that you furnish in a divorce form can be used against you. So, if in doubt, consult a divorce attorney or search for answers on online forums.


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