How to Meditate

People all over the world, for thousands of years, have been meditating. It is not necessary to pay the David Lynch Foundation who promotes TM meditation $1,000 to learn to meditate. Even though they tell you their meditation is different, it’s not. Meditation is meditation. It’s just a way for them to charge $1,000 for […]

The “Least Free” States in the United States

According to a study released in August 2016, by the Cato Institute, the “least free” states based on personal and economic freedoms are: Top Five (“free”) : New Hampshire, Alaska, Oklahoma, Indiana, South Dakota Bottom Five (“least free”) : Maryland, New Jersey, Hawaii, California, New York (ranked #50). New York is the “least free” state […]

Personal Dating Counselor

eHarmony has a new perk—a personal dating counselor. For a fee of $5,000 you can hire a counselor to help to spruce up your profile, do screen matches and act as an intermediary for potential mates. The site says it’s for people who are “tired of the time and effort necessary to traditional online dating.” […]

The Marriage Dilemma

There are many reasons why the marriage rate has dropped drastically in the United States, and one may be the student-loan debt. A person who has graduated from a private university and borrowed money to pay his or her tuition could owe as much as $200,000. After graduating many cannot get a job and have […]

Things You Shouldn’t Give A Shit About!

Don’t get caught up worrying about things that don’t really matter. Life can be too short. If you’re happy in your job, but think you should have a job that gives you more income, you have to realize that money is not the most important thing in life. Waking up every day and looking forward […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Many of us start off the new year by making New Year’s resolutions.  It’s a great tradition that has gone on forever. Unfortunately, most of the “resolutions” we make we will never keep. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to think about how we’d like to improve our lives. Don’t set your […]

Estate Planning Strategies

There are several strategies you should consider when doing your estate planning. First, you should consider making gifts to the beneficiaries of your Will while you are still alive—during your lifetime. This is generally better than giving them money through your estate. Ask your accountant what the estate taxes re gifts currently are. You can […]

Estate Planning

Everyone, especially someone who has recently gotten a divorce, should do their estate planning. The first thing you need to do is to take stock of your assets and liabilities. This can include a list of the value of your home or apartment and other physical assets; recent statements from your bank and brokerage accounts; […]