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Options For A Free Divorce Are Limited

The circumstances where a party could get a free divorce without having to pay filing fees are limited.  To be able to file a divorce or other legal proceeding without paying a fee, the filing person would have to ask the court to find that they are in forma pauperis. In forma pauperis is a […]

Women Rights in Divorce—Men And Women Are More And More Likely To Be Treated Equally In Divorce

Many people believe that women have all the rights when it comes to divorce. They believe that Courts have a bias towards women. This may have been true in the mid to later part of the 20th century when women were just beginning to join the work force in substantial numbers after World War II. […]

There Is Life After Divorce

Is there life after divorce? The answer is a resounding YES, although it seems that it is harder for men to cope with life after divorce, especially if it was a long-term divorce than it is for women. The kind of life you have after divorce depends in large part on you, but there are […]

Divorce Strategies Start Before You Say “I Do”

To the more romantic among us, this will sound cynical but the best divorce strategies start before you say “I Do.” Romantic marriage, the idea of marrying for love, is a concept born out of the industrialized age when wealth became more widespread. There was a time when marriages were made for property, protection, and […]

Divorce Is As Devastating As The Death Of A Parent

Marriage is an emotional, physical, and financial commitment that we make to a person that is supposed to last forever.  The dissolution of a marriage, divorce, is like a death.  It is as emotionally devastating as the death of a parent. It is the death of your relationship. In coping with divorce, you should treat […]

Many Consequences of Divorce

There are many consequences of divorce.  They seem to fall into several categories. Emotional fallout:  There are emotional consequences for everyone involved in divorce, despite stereotypes that seem to suggest men go on to the next “trophy wife” and the ex-wife languishes in despair.  Divorce represents the failure or death of a relationship. A person […]

Contested Divorce—An Attempt To Prevent The Divorce

A Contested Divorce is where the responding party to the divorce objects to the divorce and attempts to prevent the filing party from getting the divorce. New York was the only state that still required fault grounds for parties to divorce until 2010. All other states have some form of no-fault grounds. Contesting a divorce […]

The Reasons For Divorce Are Diverse

There are no hard and fast statistics on the reasons people get divorced. This is because divorce statistics are reported by county, and the various jurisdictions list them differently. The reasons for divorce are as diverse as the people who get married. The ten most frequent reasons for divorce are: Infidelity – many people argue […]