Cheating Husband

The Chinese have an interesting way of dealing with this. Cheating husbands have fueled a new industry in China. Mistress-dispelling services, which are increasingly common in China’s larger cities like Shanghai and Guangzhou, specialize in ending affairs between married men and their extramarital lovers. They are typically hired by a wife who has found out […]

Cheap-guy App

What happened to chivalry? A new app founded by Paypal and popular with millennials, isn’t just letting someone split cab fares or bills, it’s allowing your date to bill you for half of the check when he takes you to dinner! You may think you had a lovely evening, until you get a bill […]

Single Women Are Healthier And Happier

Recent studies by the University of Padova and the National Research Council’s Institute of Neuroscience in Italy, contradict the long-held view that a good marriage is good for your health—lowering the risk of heart attacks and depression and increasing the chances of surviving cancer. Among older women, those who are single (divorced or widowed) experience […]

Extortion for Cheaters

About 37 million potential adulterers who were exposed when the Ashley Madison cheating website was hacked in August now have to contend with email threats. Not to mention their angry spouses who may have found out! Ashley Madison is infamous for providing unfaithful spouses a platform for illicit trysts. Can you imagine opening up your […]

The Nanny

People are human—married  men and women can still become attracted to people outside of their marriage, especially when they spend a lot of time with them or are engaged in an intense common project with them. It doesn’t matter how strong your marriage, cheating is often a matter of opportunity. You’ve always heard that if […]

Break Up App

At the end of the year or the beginning of a new year people seem to think it’s a good time to “clean house” and break up with someone they’re in a relationship with but whom they’re not happy with or realize that the relationship is going nowhere. They want to start the new year […]

Still Single?

If you are a woman and still single and wondering why—here are some possible reasons: If you are living in New York City, the odds of meeting an eligible man are not in your favor. In Manhattan there are 38 percent more young female college grads than male. And nine to twelve percent are gay […]

Have You Been Ghosted?

Ghost is a word that refers to ending a relationship (or romantic relationship) by cutting off all contact and ignoring the former “friend’s” attempts to reach you. When someone has stopped responding to your calls or text messages, they are “ghosting” you. The advent of technology seems to have made this worse. It can be […]