In today’s world with all the new technology, you don’t need to to hire a private detective—you can be your own detective. There are new devices out for spying, so doing your own spying has just gotten that much easier.

DIY sleuthing has gotten so common that, a mail order firm out of Dallas, caters to suspicious amateurs. Their in-demand items include CheckMate, a kit for detecting semen on clothing and the iRecovery Stick, which retrieves deleted information off of cellphones. They also have a credit card-size GPS tracker.

Sometimes it’s sufficient to rely on a cheater’s technological ineptitude. An Apple glitch puts everything in the cloudwhich means that everything is shared. But if you are not lucky enough to live with a careless spouse, you can check out We Recover Data in NYC, who are digital forensics experts.

Just a word of caution. The law involving spousal surveillance can be inconsistent, so you should tread carefully!


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