Divorce And Your Home

When a couple is getting a divorce they need to decide what to do with their home. This can be a major decision, especially when they share the mortgage. When there is equity in the home, each spouse wants to take a share as part of the divorce settlement agreement. But if one person wants […]

Who Gets The Dog?

When couples are breaking up sometimes their dog becomes the focus of a battle. This usually happens  when the couple breaking up don’t have any children or any children under the age of 18. Dogs do become a member of your family and are taken care of and loved like children. Losing the dog that […]

New Divorce Tactic

Women whose husband’s have hidden money from them during their divorce are trying a new tactic. They are trying to use the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act—RICO—which famously took down the Teflon Don—to nail their wealthy husbands during (and after) divorce battles. Many wealthy men hide their money in various ways during a […]

January Is The Divorce Month

April is not the worst month of the year (because of taxes), but January is. It is the month when many marriages end. The start of the new year brings with it about a one-third increase in divorce filings. The reason is that families decide to stay together over the holidays. According to eDivorcePapers.com, January […]

Falling In Love

When you fall in love, “liking” and “lusting” are two factors that are in play. Like and lust diminish over time, but at different rates. According to studies, liking declines at a rate of 3 percent a year, while lusting deteriorates faster at 8 percent a year. If you really like the person, more than […]

Stolen Identity

Unfortunately, identity theft happens every day. Here are some things you can and should be to help prevent your identity from being stolen: 1. It is very important that you check your credit reports on an annual basis. If an ID thief opens credit card and/or bank accounts or takes loans, it will show up […]

Rate Your Date

How many times have you wished you could rate the date you just had? Now you can! There is a new, free, female-friendly social networking app that lets women anonymously review men who are their Facebook friends. Lulu is an iTunes app for women to rate and score their dates. On Lulu women can rate […]

Dismantling a Marriage

No one gets married with divorce in their minds. Unhappily, statistics show that half of all marriages will end in divorce. Facing a divorce, and the end of a marriage, is a traumatic event. It has been equated to the death of a parent. It is a very sad time in one’s life. It is […]